Your Guide to the Land of Israel and its Wines

The Jerusalem Wine Club specializes in VIP Winery visits to over 45 wineries across Israel,  in each of Israel’s five Wine Regions. Tours include Premium tastings and the stories of Biblical History from the Tanach (Old Testament) that took place right in the areas of the Wineries. Our passion for the deep connections between our people, the land and its vineyards, combined with our close and ongoing relationships with the wineries — whose products we sell in the Wine Store and promote in the Club — gives us special access to people and "under the counter" bottles at each location that you can't otherwise reach.
In addition,  we believe that wine tasting is by definition a unique experience, depending on your own personal tastes. We line up wineries with the products that match both your taste and pricing preferences. High-end, old-country, deep Cabernet Francs may suit one person, while another may prefer a light, fruity, young Barbera at a lower price point. There's no right or wrong!
Visits range from half-day to week long trips, and can include two people to 50 people. Trip costs run an average of NIS 200-400 (roughly $100) per person per day and include lunch.
Note: If you choose to buy wine from wineries that you visit with the Jerusalem Wine Club, it is suggested that you buy through the Club at a discount, to guarantee the shipment, and to give you the option of a mixed order from of various wineries’ products. The Club cannot be responsible for  purchases at the Winery or for shipment/delivery of these purchases.
For more information or to book your Israel Winery visit, send us a note.
we believe our customers deserve the best, especially when it comes to wine! We have been working hard and close with wineries for almost 10 years now and to celebrate great Israeli wine with you we now have very special wine tours and tasting packages when you book them through The Jerusalem Wine Club! Special pricing, premium tastings, behind the scene tours and more... We have exclusive packages set up for you at the following wineries:

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