Jerusalem Wine Festival 2014 Notes

Photo courtesy of Dena Bailey

It is a very hard choice this year, as many of the usual leaders such as Lueria, Har Odem and Yatir are not present. In addition, the others such as Shilo, Tulip and Ramat Hagolan are NOT serving their annual surprises from under the table.


However there are some very nice wines on the tables this year!


Our Top 10 (in no particular order):


- Tulip Reserve Syrah

- Shilo Legend 2

- Ramat Hagolan 2T

- Galil Meron

- Har Bracha - Bracha Blend

- Jezreel Chardonnay

- Har Adar Port Style

- Carmel Mediterranean

- Dalton Fume blanc

- Yerushalayim Pinotage


At the wine store in Efrat (or at our online store), we'll be matching all the prices on these and other wines at the store. No need to stand in line and schlep them from the show...


The festival is smaller than in previous years, due to the fact that the date is much later and many wineries are involved in early morning harvests. 30 Wineries in all make up the event instad of the usual 40+.

Significantly missing are:



-Har Odem



-Ben Haim





Plus a variety of non-kosher attendants.


This year too there are several Wineries that are not under Hashgacha of any sort, so please check before you drink.

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